Sunday, December 27, 2009

A day to remember in your life...

I have traveled on to my uncle in Dongola to spend several days together with my friends with him, on the occasion of New Year and once we got one of their neighbors uncle told us that there is a grand gathering and he to wish accompanying. And when evening my uncle warned us back to the late and then we went out and went to the concert and we played and we to frisk and until after midnight and I heard people talking about a village close to the place called the Devil's eye and say that anyone and say who went to There did not return. And soon after, suddenly I found the people around me go until I find that I took my friends did not make, and make until I saw two girls from a distance when he approached me and said to me in amazement: Are you lost? I told them: Yes, She said to me one of them: Come with us and will guide you to the right way in tomorrow morning So I went with her until I got home and found it a stately, and when I arrived at the room nice and told me: do not go out before morning, and entered the room. I wandered in the room when the room was beautiful, but I found it's just a strange smell and when I looked under the bed I felt scared of the scene because I found dead and when you want to shout, I found that the security men had stormed into the room and with pentane and say to them: THIS IS THE KILLER.... THIS IS THE KILLER! And did not I find a solution but to I wake up from sleep. And night was awesome and one of the strangest nights and is terrified of the night 31 \ 12 \ 2000 and when I woke up and found that the New Year's ceremony had finished it was sad

Saturday, December 26, 2009

about the Bank of the Nile in 1960

We look forward to drawing it describes the riverbank, and there on the bank of the river, fishermen and sailing boats.
Yes, the sun is shining , And be shiny in Omdurman in April , and It is usually heated , I saw men on the left began to cut a piece of wood was not finished pieces of wood? , side the water carrier filled his tins taking them to his home.
And there are merchant holding an umbrella because of the high temperature and he came by his car and opened the door for him driver of the car which is sitting in the car now .
And there was a plane about to land and came from over the island Totti and it is going to Khartoum Airport and there are boats in much in the Nile .
And may I already went to the banks of the Nile River on several occasions and they were like trips I went with my friends , We agree my friends and I go out weekly and many times we went there The banks of the River Nile from the most suitable places for drawing, thanks to the beautiful natural out there that produce great comfort , And the Nile did not differ significantly from that in the drawing only human beings and their behavior .

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

About me

My name is Saeed Abdelhaleem, and I'm studying at the University of Science and Technology, Department of Computer Science.
I love reading and watching television and playing football and My favorite hobby is drawing.
I like drawing because it is the only friend who understands me
In addition to this is my friend since childhood
I love horror movies, science fiction and romantic movies
I would be very social with the person who deals with me without barriers, and vice versa

Monday, December 7, 2009

How did you spend your Eid?

Eid al-Adha, the most important Islamic holidays for Muslims and gather the family, relatives and sympathetic to those who have the money to the poor and needy as it is held by the slaughter of sheep and divide meat among the poor and assemble at the parents is an example to the mercy of Islam.
For the holiday this year has been as follows:
- The first day after the Eid prayer we went to the house of my grandmother and blessed holiday together and had breakfast together and then went to my aunt and was the most beautiful thing in that day, the son of my aunt little girl did not leave me where, despite their young age and we became friends, the most beautiful thing in the feast is when children are playing around It is the taste of the life of their presence.
Then my mother invited us to dinner in one of the restaurants together and then we go back to the house and ended the first day.
- On the second day I went to visit my friends I went to my friend Mustafa and blessed Eid with him and was a beautiful day last case before returning to the house.
- On the third day did not get out of the house, went to study and duties of the English language which I find it difficult to reconcile with God.
- The fourth day was awarded to Ahmed, my dear friend has gone since the morning and spent the whole day with him until the night we were talking and laughing and are also considering how much I love this friend goodness of his heart was the most beautiful day of Eid, which cause him and his brothers who are my brothers, my friends and I, too, are too.

The flavor of the festival was enjoyed by the private with all the family.

How I use my mobile?

Mobile phone is an important means of communication in our lives, and my phone model, Nokia, and use the Zain Telecom to speed and many features, and the first-Mobile used was a gift from my mother, and was a gift for my success and I entered the university and was a model Nokia 6630 model. I was very happy to get the first-Mobile has changed the model once they entered the University of the Nokia N-73 is still with me till this moment, I like to use this model, and despite the fact that my mother was offered a lot to change me, but I've got used to this.
I use the phone a lot with my friends in need and where to pictures to see them always.
The number of hours that I was talking on the phone no more than an hour a day, and if they go beyond all be with Ahmed, Ehab
The more times that I've spoken in Mobile in the morning.
As for the messages sent to anybody who sends me and double the number in the holiday season.

Odd thing is when I'm at home I forget, then charge the phone number of hours that will be in the charger is when I am outside the house and go back.

Health problems resulting from the use of the phone, and this occurs when the increase in the use and cause to be used as such diseases, and this is harmful to health.

Each person in the Sudan has become mobile and to lower prices and the multiplicity of forms that each person can get.
I would advise young people do not use the phone heavily, it takes a long time, and takes attention and focus, which impedes the more important. The proportion of those who use it satisfactorily, and the phone features access to the Internet, which has become many people use it heavily to become one of the disadvantages, and not the benefits.

Monday, November 23, 2009

last creativity dinosaur

I want talk about some one who i love him more than any famous man. Gentelman, love his religious, love his country, love his family and his arabien origin. He is great footballer in the french team. His name is zien eldine zidane " zizou ". I want to thank Ismaiel zidane when he decided days not return to his native algeria after he quided in marseille to malika his partiner who became his wife and born to him on june 23th 1972 , last creativity dinosaur in art and behaviour in the football world. Thank you for Malika because she had not heard her son the 14 years old crying whenever landes a lone in his bed in the school of kan club for his missing for her. " she said afterward " ( if i knew ma baby cring i return back to Marseille , even i had to search for ather job. Thank you for Zizou , who every time touched the ball we were screaming as if we want him to hear. There are many people who have reachared the degree of excellance but creativity another thing. Did Real madrid buy his creativity in 2001 summer , no world record at that time 65 million dollar. Zizou has always shifted this creativity to achievement and more individual and coperation titles. in short, Zizou did not leave any thing except that earned :- World cup 1998 and EURO 2000 , European champions cup 2002 , Italy champions cup 1997 & 1998 , Spain champion 2003 and best player in the world who ranked by FIFA 1998, 2000, 2003. And the golden ball 1998. He played 794 matches and including 108 as international and scored 156 goals.